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Does Eyebrow Threading Hurt?

Does Eyebrown Threading HurtIt seems there are different views out there in the public about whether eyebrow threading is painful.  Some people say that there’s just a little bit of discomfort while others claim there’s a great deal of pain.  Unfortunately there’s really no way to know if this technique will hurt you because nobody knows you’re tolerance for pain.  I recommend just diving in and seeing for yourself how it feels.  We’re talking about just a few dollars here so it’s not like you’re buying a new car or something. Read More →

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Perfect Eyebrow Shape

Eyebrow ShapeWhen you’re shaping your eyebrows, you need a plan.  If you don’t have a plan you could end up with something your not happy with and it’s going to take awhile before it grows back and you can fix it.  So take a little time to figure out what you want to do.  Now, if your eyebrows are already professionally shaped and all you need to do is maintain them, then you don’t have as much to worry about.  It’s when you’re starting from scratch with a brow that looks like Groucho Marx or Ed Asner that you need a plan before you start to hack through the jungle. Read More →

Eyebrow Threading is Winning!

It’s amazing to watch something go from nothing to something in such a short time frame.  Eyebrow threading has been around for ages and has sort of slipped under the radar for much of that time.  Now, EVERYBODY is talking and asking about it.  That’s what happens when something works better than all the alternatives out there.  This is true even though many of the alternatives have big money interest in making them the most popular.  For example, do you think that people that make wax are excited about eyebrow threading?  Heck no!  That means they’ll sell less wax.  Do you think the manufacturers of tweezers are thrilled that a simple piece of string can get better results?  I bet not!

In this area, we’ve seen a surge in people trying it out and loving the results.  It’s one of the things where you wonder why we didn’t know about it earlier.  Well, that’s what happens when we rely on some of the big media outlets who are owned by the same interests.  Yup!  Why would you hear about a technique that works best on your eyebrows on TV when their busy pimping the other methods.   Ha!

Awesome Eyebrow Threading FaceSo let’s just say that I’m pretty happy with the way it’s going at the moment.  If the eyes are the window to the soul, then the eyebrow is like … uh… the window pane…LOL.  And window panes are pretty darn important aren’t they?  Absolutely!  The way a well designed eyebrow can complement ones face cannot be underestimated.  It can shorten or lengthen your face. It can narrow or widen it.  It can generate interest in your eyes in a way that many won’t even know why they think you have pretty eyes.  A crisp line can show attention to detail and care that can be appreciated by men that have an “eye” for such things. Read More →


Federal Bureau of Eyebrow Threading

Looks like the eyebrow threaders in Texas are going to court over licensing rules.  The state believes they should have a cosmetology license in order to perform the procedure.  Personally, I can see both sides of this issue.  Hairstylists have to have a license and so do auto mechanics.  The licensing helps to ensure that the person performing the work has at least been told about the safety related issues in their profession.  Hot Dog Vendors in most states have to be trained in how to handle food even though most people know anyway.  What’s wrong with requiring people to learn that they should follow basic health safety guidelines?  I think that most people performing eyebrow threading in salons have a cosmetology license anyway so it’s probably not a huge issue.

Federal Bureau of EyebrowsThe part that I don’t like about it is more government intrusion.  You just know they’re going to come up with a whole host of fees and classes which for them in future which most part won’t help anyone and will become just an impediment to doing business.  What’s next, the Bureau of Eyebrow Threading?  Also, this requirement will likely push clients into the eyebrow threading blackmarket (just kidding). Read More →

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Eyebrows and Your Face Shape

We’ve talked a little bit about in other posts but face shape impacts how you should shape your eyebrows.  This being the case, you really need to understand what your face shape is so that you can have a plan when it comes to threading your eyebrows.  Let’s take a look at these faces so you have an idea of what these shapes look like.    First, what are the shapes?

  • Oval
  • Heart
  • Round
  • Square
  • Long
  • Pair
  • Diamond

We’re actually showing more face shapes than what people consider to be the “5” basic face shapes.  We list 7 above and if you dig around more you’ll find that some even go a little further by breaking down the square into a square and a rectangle.  The rectangle face being a little longer.  But anyway, let’s take a look at these and talk about the best shape for your eyebrows in each case.

 The Oval Shaped Face

The oval is a face shape that has the same shape at the top as it does at the bottom.  It’s symmetrical that way and allows for many eyebrow shapes.  Here’s a good example of an oval shaped face.  You could go with the higher brow here or something slightly arched.  Typically something soft works best because of the soft lines of the face.

Oval Shaped Face Read More →


Eyebrow Overview

Threading Introduction

Eyebrow threading is a technique that can be used to shape your eyebrows to highlight facial features.  If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could end up creating a mess on your face which is worse than doing nothing at all.  You want to avoid both of the situations if you can.  To have the best shot at getting the eyebrow shape you want, you should consider using eyebrow threading.  This technique offers the best shot at creating crisp and distinct lines.  Not only will they look great, but the hair won’t grow back as quickly as other hair removal methods. Read More →

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Eyebrow Threading Tips

Eyebrow Threading Tips

For those that want to do it themselves.

–  Eyebrows are in a pretty visible place.  You don’t want your first attempt at performing eyebrow threading to be where everyone can see your mistakes.  Practice somewhere else like on your lip or leg.  You thank yourself when your done.

– Just like anything else the tools you use are very important.  Make sure you use 100% cotton thread that’s strong to avoid breakage. Read More →

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Advantages of Eyebrow Threading

The shape of one’s eyebrows is more than just an isolated feature on a person’s face.  It contributes in a major way to their overall appearance.  It can enhance the beauty of one’s eyes and emphasize the shape of one’s face as dramatically as a new hair style.  Many women don’t realize the impact of letting their eyebrows grow wild or not spending enough time keeping them in shape.
While there are many options for shaping your eyebrows, like waxing and plucking, eyebrow threading is an ancient and effective way to get them where you want them to be and keep them that way for longer than the other methods.  Because of the way in which threading pulls out the hair, it takes much longer to grow back.  Since the hair is pulled out by the roots, it can take as long as 2-3 weeks before you’ll need to do it again. Read More →

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Eye Brow Threading History

The origins of threading came to us from the eastern cultures and is believed to have started in Turkey or possibly India .  It has popularity in Indian and Persian cultures and goes far back into their history.  In Iran it has become almost a ceremonial requirement for special occasions like weddings.  In Persia, eye brow threading was performed as a sign that that a young girl had made the transition to becoming a woman.  We may never know that actual country of origin since many of these cultures exchanges ideas early in their history.  There were trading routes that carried goods and cultural exchange throughout much of the East.

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Eyebrow Threading

Eastern cultures have introduced many things to us over the centuries.  These include exotic spices, linens, health remedies, as well as beauty techniques.  One of these beauty techniques is the method of trimming eyebrows with cotton thread.  This method is referred to as eyebrow threading.  This practice involves a section of 100% cotton thread that rolled and twisted around the eyebrow.  The motion of the thread allows for very precise sculpting of the brow.  The threads action against the skin causes the hairs to get entwined and lifted from the follicle.
This hair removal technique allows for very precise lines compared to traditional plucking and trimming.  When you remove hair by plucking, you are removing one hair at a time.  With eyebrow threading, you can actually remove an entire row of hair at a time.  This is what enables the sculpting of very crisp brow line.  Some may be concerned that removing several hairs at once could be painful.  This is not the case with professional eye brow threading.  Professionals have the right thread and know how much can be removed at once.  It can be quick and painless in most instances unlike waxing which can not only hurt but cause skin irritation and the removal of layers of skin.  There have been complaints of pain during the process but most people don’t have a problem.
eyebrowthreadingWhere can you find eyebrow threading services?  You should start with your local spa.  You may be surprised to learn that the salon you current use offers this service.  If they don’t offer it, they may be able to recommend one that’s close by.

How can you select a good salon? Read More →

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